Our Story

Our Dedication

While building homes has been our passion since 1994, our true goal is to make owners happy. That means taking care of every detail and doing better than “standard.”

What other builders consider as upgrades, we include as basic features in our homes. Our team of tradespeople is the best in the industry and has worked with Glenwood Homes from the beginning.

We only build homes we’d want to live in, and we’re not happy until our customers are smiling.



About Dico

If you were looking for Dico Spadafora, owner of Glenwood Homes, you wouldn’t find him sitting in an office. You’d find him at the job site, working hands-on to ensure that every detail of the project was up to his standards.

Dico’s experience in the construction industry began at an early age, enabling him to learn every aspect of home construction from the ground up.

Experience Makes The Difference

Dico’s natural talent and attention to detail were duly noticed by a well-established developer, who was impressed enough to make Dico his contractor-of-choice and at the same time mentor him.

Given such opportunity, Dico’s experience and abilities were sharpened to the point of excellence, earning him a reputation as a builder above par. Superior home construction with personal as well as professional pride, geared towards customer satisfaction – that’s what you get from Dico Spadafora and Glenwood Homes.